City to perform maintenance on its flood control system. Here’s where

The City’s Department of Utilities will soon begin maintenance work along critical infrastructure in its flood control system, which includes ditches, creeks, canals and basins that store and move water during storms.

This maintenance will be similar to the critical infrastructure work the City has been performing over the past several years and is expected to take up to nine weeks to complete.

Work will soon be performed in several areas, including Morrison, Magpie, Union House, and Laguna creeks, ditches near I-80 in northern Sacramento and a stormwater basin near Seventh Street in northern downtown.

The work performed will include removing debris that can cause localized flooding, removing debris blocking service roads, repairing fencing and ditches as well as inspecting and repairing banks.

Utilities staff have been working closely with the City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Community Response (DCR) to ensure the safety and well-being of City staff and those camping in impacted areas.

“The protocol the City has in place with the Department of Utilities has been working well,” said Bridgette Dean, director of the Department of Community Response.

The Department of Community Response will be coordinating with local service providers to perform outreach and connect people with services. Outreach and notification of the upcoming work will occur over three weeks before its start date.

“DCR teams go out in advance of the work and educate people who may be living unhoused in the work area when the critical infrastructure work will be taking place,” said Dean. “DCR also informs them that they will have to leave temporarily to make sure the work can be done safely. They are safer, and our community as a whole is safer when this critical infrastructure maintenance work gets done.”

Below is a schedule of the critical infrastructure maintenance work:

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