The City is improving parking protected bikeways and wants your feedback

The City is seeking community feedback on three new types of posts meant to keep drivers out of the bikeway.

First implemented in 2018, parking protected bikeways are created by moving the parking lane out into the street and putting the bike lane next to the curb. This turns the parking lane into a buffer zone between bicyclists and moving vehicles.

The posts—also named bollards—have been damaged over the years due to vehicle traffic and need upgrades.

“We initially tried a type of vertical flex post for the buffer zone, but those didn’t last very long,” said Jeff Jelsma, transportation planner with the Department of Public Works. “The new types we’re proposing are more durable and will hold up longer over time.”

In the survey, staff are requesting feedback on a variety of aspects including visibility and potential effectiveness of each type. The survey closes on Nov. 30 and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Once the survey closes, staff will review all feedback to determine the best post type. The new posts are anticipated to be installed in Spring 2023.

Parking protected bikeways allow people of all ages and levels to bike the grid, separated from moving traffic. They also improve pedestrian safety by increasing sight lines and reducing the number of travel lanes to cross.

This improvement is part of the City’s Vision Zero plan to create safer streets across Sacramento.

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