4 tips for having a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day in Sacramento

Sacramento has plenty of fun events and activities on offer this St. Patrick’s Day weekend for folks of all ages.

As people gather for festivals and celebrations, the City’s Nighttime Economy Manager, Tina Lee-Vogt, is reminding residents that a little bit of pre-event planning can go a long way.

“St. Patrick’s Day weekend is going to be very busy with parades, family festivals, March Madness games and vibrant nightlife activities,” Lee-Vogt said. We are encouraging everyone to plan ahead, have a ride, know your limits, take safety precautions, and most importantly, have a good time! Knowing these safety tips can help everyone have a more pleasant experience.”

Here are a four tips for having a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Know your transportation and parking plans

  • Plan and be prepared for traffic changes for events and activities.
  • Visit sacpark.org to find and reserve parking and for parking rate information.
  • Always share your location so someone knows where you’re going.
  • Have a travel plan to get home safely.
  • Check license plates before you enter your for-hire vehicle.

Know your limits:

  • Drink alcohol responsibly and stay hydrated.
  • Never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers.

Know personal safety precautions:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and know exits in case of emergencies.
  • Don’t leave with a stranger without telling someone you know.
  • Be a good bystander and intervene if you see harassment.

Know your venue requirements and event details:

  • Be aware of venue rules and codes.
  • Review the details for your event.
  • Be prepared to have your identification verified or scanned.

The Nighttime Economy Manager serves as a coordinator, collaborator, mediator, policy maker and primary contact for the nighttime economy. Lee-Vogt works collaboratively with the City’s nightlife team, which includes Police, Fire and Code Enforcement, to ensure a safe and vibrant nightlife for Sacramento.

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