Help the City decide where it should place additional bike and scooter racks

The City of Sacramento is asking residents and business owners to help determine what spots in Sacramento could benefit from new bike and scooter racks.

Hundreds of racks exist in different areas across the city. But as more people engage in active transportation as a way to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the demand for racks grows.

Accordingly, the City will install bike racks along with shared-rideable drop zones in the public right-of-way where there is a demonstrated need.

“The City is happy to offer additional racks and shared-rideable zones in areas to provide more access for residents,” said Jeff Jelsma, transportation planner with the Department of Public Works.

Residents and business owners who are interested in this service can submit an application online.

Bike parking and drop zone sites must meet the qualifying criteria below to be considered:

  • Request must be for public property and in the public right-of-way
  • Site has a demonstrated need for bike parking or a drop zone
  • All on-street bike parking corrals must have a sponsor to help maintain (mostly sweeping) the corral

If the application meets the required criteria, City staff will arrange an on-site consultation to evaluate the site.

Join the “May is Bike Month” campaign as the Sacramento region celebrates biking all month long.