Learn how City drinking water meets or exceeds regulations in this new report

The City’s Department of Utilities recently released a report that describes the quality of drinking water in the city of Sacramento to help customers understand where their water comes from and what it contains.

Called the “2022 Consumer Confidence Report,” it includes information about source water, a water quality analysis and other required disclosures.

“We’re proud to release this yearly report and are excited about providing high quality drinking water to residents and businesses,” said Pravani Vandeyar, director of the Department of Utilities. “Many residents don’t know that the water we draw from our rivers and wells go through a comprehensive treatment process before it’s available in their taps.”

The City tests for more than 100 substances during its water treatment process. According to staff, about 30 substances are listed in the report because they could be of interest to the public.

“It’s important to note that City drinking water in many cases surpasses state and federal standards and in all cases meets our requirements,” Vandeyar said.

People can visit the City’s water quality website to learn more about their drinking water.

The US Environmental Protection Agency requires that water providers publish a consumer confidence report each year by July 1.

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