Discounted rain barrels will soon be available from the City – but they’ll go quickly

The City’s Department of Utilities will soon be offering discounted 55-gallon rain barrels to Sacramento residents for a limited time.

Rain barrels collect water from roofs to store it for later use on lawns, gardens or indoor plants.

“People get really excited about rain barrels, and these discounted ones tend to sell out quick, in about five or six days,” said William Granger, the City’s water conservation coordinator. “Customers who received rain barrels from us in 2022 or 2021 will be put on a wait list to give others an opportunity.”

People can order up to two barrels online beginning at 5 a.m. Oct. 23.

Barrels cost about $49 — the City automatically provides a discount from about $100 — and are shipped directly to an address.

“It’s a great way to use rainwater for your landscapes, while saving drinking water for other uses during the year,” he said.

The City offers discounted rain barrels annually as part of its water conservation program, which also offers rebates to convert grass to drought-tolerant landscaping and upgrade indoor and outdoor fixtures to be more water efficient.

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