Sacramento’s hard work on water saving is paying off


How well is Sacramento doing so far in reducing water use? Pretty well, in fact as the numbers are in and our water conversation efforts are paying off. City water customers have saved over 355 million gallons of water in the month of March.

Water demands were about 62 million gallons of water per day last month, as compared to an average 74 million gallons of water per day in March for the last two years. This equals a roughly 16 percent reduction, about the annual water usage of about 2,300 homes.

City departments achieved a remarkable 54 percent water use reduction, compared to an average usage for the month of March over the past two years. The City was able to achieve this savings by using a few strategic methods.

  • Reducing parks and recreational facility outdoor irrigation, excluding high use sports fields
  • Reducing watering of landscaped medians on City streets and roadways
  • Reducing the number of car washes for City Fleet vehicles
  • Placing signage in restrooms and other areas of City buildings to remind of the need to save water
  • Inventorying plumbing fixtures in City facilities to find opportunities to convert to low water use fixtures

To help address increased water use on non-watering days, the City implemented increased enforcement of non-watering days on Thursday and Friday with a dawn and dusk patrol.

Remember, we all need to do our part in continuing to save water. For more information on the City’s water conservation efforts, please visit or follow on Facebook.

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