Thanks to public, traffic flows on Fix 50


Traffic continues to flow, thanks to the public’s cooperation during this first phase of stage one of Caltrans’ Fix 50 project, where work on the eastbound highway 50 side has reduced lanes down to two.

So far, spillover to surface streets has been limited and manageable by the City’s Traffic Operations Center.  In the center, staff and police and fire monitor traffic on City streets, adjusting the traffic signals via computers when necessary, to keep traffic moving during peak drive times.  The center is manned weekdays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and other times as necessary.

Traffic may be manageable now, but on May 7, when connections to eastbound Business 80 and southbound highway 99 will be closed, the City expects traffic to increase. Even further delays are expected when the projects shifts to the westbound side after Memorial Day weekend.

For traffic updates on City streets, view video streaming on the City’s Fix 50 webpage and follow Public Works on Twitter.

Visit official Caltrans Fix 50 page or find them on Twitter.

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