Fire service fully restored as a result of Measure U funding


As a result of voters passing Measure U November 2012, today the Sacramento Fire Department fully restored all fire emergency response services, resulting in the elimination of fire engine/truck brownouts. This move will support public safety and reduce response times throughout the City.

At a press conference this morning, Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer, City Manager John Shirey, Acting Chief Lloyd Ogan, and Ryan Henry of Local 522 commemorated the occasion, along with Councilmembers Steve Cohn, Steve Hansen, Darrell Fong, Keven McCarty and Angelique Ashby.

Measure U is a ½-cent sales tax to restore police and fire services, park maintenance and other essential services cut between 2008 and 2013. Of the estimated $27 million in annual revenue per year, $8.5 million will be earmarked through March 2019 to help maintain services cut more than five years ago. Measure U funding for fire restorations include:

  • All four browned out fire companies have been restored, with the final fire company returning to service on May 14.
  • Twenty-seven grant-funded firefighter positions that would have been eliminated in December 2013 were funded.