Trees suffering from poor health slated for removal in Land Park

In an effort to promote a safe, sustainable and healthy urban forest for the Sacramento community, the City will be removing 66 trees at William Land Park starting the week of August 24.

The trees slated to be removed are in poor health and structural conditions. It is important to understand that each park is different and has its own set of tree problems that can occur during normal water years; however, due to the drought, trees are more predisposed to disease, and are more susceptible to problems.

Trees that are dead or dying, in poor structural condition, poorly placed, or are otherwise unsustainable are being removed. Of course, public safety is a primary concern. In some cases the removals will allow for better development of surrounding trees, and in other cases allow opportunities for replacement with better species more adapted to park settings.

Trees slated for removal with orange markers

There are approximately 25,000 trees in Sacramento’s parks, and this year’s removal represents a very small fraction of the total tree population within the City’s parks, cemeteries, and streetscapes, and is well within the normal range of losses that we expect to see within any given year.

Trees that are removed due to structural condition are recycled and are used in various citywide programs including our volunteer effort —“Mulch Madness”.  The City is working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation on “Mulch Madness” over the summer, and will be installing mulch under the drip lines of trees in order to hold in moisture, and protect exposed roots from the sun.  For more information about this volunteer effort, please visit our Volunteering Opportunities.

We are working closely with our Urban Forestry department to closely monitor the health and structural condition of Sacramento’s trees in 226 of our parks. For more information, please visit the City of Sacramento.