Why is there still a limit of watering only two days per week?

The drought may be over – for now. However, conservation in Sacramento remains a way of life. Why?

This summer, the City of Sacramento is continuing its two-day per week watering schedule even with the lift of the state’s emergency drought order. However, City staff will be recommending some changes to continue to encourage efficient outdoor water use without being as restrictive as the last four years.

In August, the City Council will consider ending the current emergency water restrictions and at the same time consider initiatives that will continue conservation for the long-term. New proposed policies will allow hand-watering and car-washing on non-specific days and will take  into account the frequent triple-digit heat waves in the City.

Yards can survive on two days per week of watering. Studies indicate two-day-per-week watering reduces the overuse of water for landscapes and reduces runoff that can carry pesticides and other chemicals. By watering two days a week, in multiple short run times, possibly three or four times throughout the evening and early morning, the water can soak deeper into the soil and encourage deep root growth and reduce water demand.

You can find more tips for reducing your water use outdoors (long-term) at Save Our Water.

For more information about rebates or no cost water-wise house call services, please go to Sac Water Wise.