Parking Smart Meter

City dismissing parking citations issued during a recent cellular service disruption

From Oct 10 to 26, a disruption in cellular connectivity occurred which prevented Parkmobile payment information from being sent to some parking meters. This disruption caused some Parkmobile users to receive parking citations in error.

During this time period, over 8,400 Parkmobile payment transactions were processed of which it was found that less than four percent of the transactions were affected by the cellular connectivity issue; however, not all those who parked at the meters received a citation.

The City is reviewing meter citations issued during those dates and those citations related to this particular connectivity issue will be dismissed. As always, motorists who feel they may have received a citation in error are encouraged to contest the citation online.

“We apologize for any inconvenience. The service disruption has been resolved with the cellular vendor and the parking team is going to dismiss the affected citations promptly.” said City Parking Manager Matt Eierman.

“This particular incident, the first of its kind, was an anomaly in that it affected a small percentage of customers,” Eierman added.

Since 2012, the City has been going through parking modernization and have upgraded technologies to accommodate the growth in downtown. However, technology in any application has a margin of error. From the moment the City was made aware of the issue, it has been in contact with all vendors to immediately address the issue and ensure that connectivity was restored and the meters were actively working.

 Although the City will be addressing the citations in error, customers can always use the citation contest process if they believe a citation was unwarranted. The contest process is detailed on the City’s website.