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Independent audit finds no systemic issue with on-street parking technology

The City of Sacramento Auditor’s preliminary report released today finds that there is no systemic issue with on-street parking meters or Parkmobile.

It also finds that there was no evidence that the Department of Public Works, Parking Division knowingly issued citations in error.

The request for an audit was made by City Council in November 2017 as result of allegations — made by customers followed by some local news media — that the Parking Division issued erroneous parking citations.

Council members asked the auditor to conduct the independent review of the operations of on-street parking meters, staff training, and Parkmobile to determine if there are systemic issues present that may have contributed to the allegation.

“The Parking Division thanks the City Auditor’s Office for its thorough and respectful review of the City’s on-street parking meter program.

The opportunity to have an independent third-party review of our operation validates the reliability of our parking technology, and helps build confidence in the parking system, “said Matt Eierman, City Parking Manager.

View the City Auditor’s full detailed report

The City began a revolutionary parking modernization initiative in 2013 to update the City’s parking technology. As a result, the City has been able to provide parking customers with convenient payment options, the ability to stay parked beyond posted limits, and reserve parking in advance for events.

Due to the period of transition with the integration of various technologies prior to and following the opening of Golden 1 Center, adjustments were made to reduce occurrences of errors.

The Parking Services Division responded to the issues as soon as the staff became aware of them.

For example, from the moment the City learned of the cellular disruption that occurred in October 2017, the City made contact with all vendors to immediately address the issue and ensure that connectivity was restored. Citations that were given in error were immediately dismissed.

The City Auditor told Department of Public Works, Parking Services that the office will perform a more extensive audit during the fiscal year 2018/2019 to see if there are improvements in training and technology efficiencies that may be helpful.