Automatic reminders for street sweeping now available

City street sweeping calendar now available online; residents can receive reminders in advance to move cars.

The City of Sacramento’s Recycling and Solid Waste online collection calendar now includes street sweeping days for each service address.

Customers can visit the Collection Calendar page at, enter a service address and see a calendar for all their waste collection services including street sweeping.

Customers can also register to receive a text or email reminder the day before a service occurs, so the correct containers can be placed out for collection or cars can be moved for sweeping.

Calendars are specific for each customer’s address. For duplexes to four-plexes, the unit that is the utility billing address is the one tied to the calendar. Commercial properties, such as businesses or apartment buildings, which have private garbage service, will see only sweeping dates.

City streets are swept approximately every six weeks from February through October. In the Downtown – Midtown area, where parking restrictions are in place, and as part of storm water runoff permits, sweeping occurs once a month February through October. From November through January, leaf season collection occurs citywide.

The new addition to the collection calendar also includes service alerts for sweeping make-up days.  If a sweeping route cannot be completed, a notice will be sent to impacted customers who have signed up for text and email reminders. A sweeping make-up day will be posted on the calendar, usually within the same week as the originally scheduled sweeping day.

The Recycling and Solid Waste Division sweeps more than 150,000 miles of public right-away every year.


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