The Old Sacramento Waterfront is about get a bunch of new amenities

The Old Sacramento Waterfront is about get a bunch of new amenities.

The City Council on Tuesday approved $42 million in funding to improve the historic waterfront.

The funding, collectively called the Destination Sacramento Program, will bolster the beloved district, adding new attractions that will increase resident and tourist visits.

A floating terrace, a rooftop event deck, and a chic multi-use market space are some of the suggested amenities, along with traditional improvements such as a water feature and festival lawn.

Ideas for the amenities were conceived through multiple months of open process, including Waterfront Idea Makers, a public competition that garnered concepts from professional design firms and residents.

The Destination Sacramento Program will be funded in part through a “transient occupancy tax,” or TOT — a 12 percent tax added to hotel-room stays within the city.

The tax was originally created to help fund the City’s C3 Project, but its purpose has been expanded to include the waterfront.

A Council vote was needed to authorize this revenue stream toward its new purpose of funding eligible waterfront projects.

In December 2016, the Mayor and City Manager requested a plan to identify targets of opportunity that would enhance the riverfront as a destination for residents, businesses and visitors.