Still seeing storm scraps? What people can do about branch piles on their streets

The effects of a storm on Jan. 26 can still be seen more than a week later as City crews work to clean up a significant amount of debris brought down by high winds.

To immediately address the large amount of downed vegetation, the City’s department of Public Works has hired an additional contractor to help collect the trees, limbs and branches.

“The storm caused widespread damage to public and private trees across the city, and we’ve received thousands of calls, ” said Ryan Moore, the City’s public works director. “A contractor will bring in more equipment to deal with the damage our Urban Forestry crews are already hard at work clearing.”

According to Moore, residents can help speed the process by putting debris in their green waste bins.

“We expect to have storm debris cleared by late February, but residents can reduce the amount of material our crews will pick up by putting as much vegetation as will fit in their yard waste bins with the top closed. This also helps us move faster through the city.”

City residential customers also can make up to two appointments per year to have certain types of household junk picked up. This includes tree material less than three feet long and four inches wide. These appointments are free for customers.

People can make a household junk pick up appointment from February to October by calling the City’s customer service department at 3-1-1 or 916-808-5011, or by visiting

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