The City has wrapped up its ‘Slow and Active Streets’ pilot program. What did you think of it?

The City of Sacramento in recent months implemented a Slow & Active Streets pilot program in various neighborhoods across the city. The program finished at the end of July, and now the City would like to hear thoughts from residents about the program to help inform decisions about similar efforts in the future.

“Slow and Active Streets were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant. “The goal of the pilot was to limit through traffic on residential streets to encourage active travel — walking, running, scooting and biking — on the street to provide a space for physical and mental well-being. With the pilot coming to an end, we would love to hear feedback from residents about how often they used the streets and the impact it had on their transportation routines.”

City staff set parameters on the types of streets that could qualify for the pilot, and then facilitated a community-driven process to nominate streets for consideration. Neighborhood groups and organizations applied to have their streets considered for the project by filling out an application on the project webpage.

Once a street was approved by City officials, signs, cones and barricades were placed in the roadway to remind people of the slow-speed, people-oriented nature of the street. People who live on the streets, delivery drivers and emergency responders were still able to drive in and out throughout the pilot.

Slow & Active Streets were implemented in the following locations:

  • Cabrillo Park: 68th Avenue
  • Cabrillo Park: Tamoshanter Way
  • Land Park: East Park Road
  • Midtown: 26th Street
  • Midtown: O Street
  • Midtown: V Street
  • Oak Park: 8th Avenue
  • Oak Park: 9th Avenue
  • Tahoe Park: 58th Street
  • Tahoe Park: 11th Avenue

Community members who experienced a Slow & Active Street in one of these neighborhoods are asked to take two-minute survey and share their thoughts about the program.