McKinley Park receives new recreational ‘upgrades,’ following completion of its stormwater vault

Several new recreational amenities now are available at McKinley Park, following the completion of a six-million gallon “vault” below ground to store stormwater and wastewater.

The new amenities include a multi-use field, horseshoe pits, an area for volleyball, jogging paths, restrooms, picnic areas, BBQ pits, benches, shade structures, landscaping and 60 new trees.

“As part of this project, we got a tremendous amount of upgrades to our most beloved park,” said Councilmember Jeff Harris, whose district includes the East Sacramento park. “People are going to love this.”

Work crews recently completed the McKinley Water Vault, which is designed to reduce flooding of nearby streets during storms.

The inside of the vault can be seen in the video below.

Construction on the vault project began in 2019. Overall, it cost approximately $25 million to complete.

McKinley Park is considered historic and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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