The City needs your input for transportation planning on Northgate and Freeport Boulevards

The City of Sacramento will host four community workshops to take a deeper look at ways to improve safety, walkability, and the overall experience for users in two major transportation corridors.

Northgate Boulevard in the north and Freeport Boulevard in the southern portion of the City are heavily traveled upon by motorists, walkers, cyclists and other active transportation users. Each corridor has its fair share of opportunities and challenges, and the City wants input from those who use them often and live on and around them.

“I am very excited to hear from the people who use Freeport Boulevard to learn more about what can be done to make the street better for everyone,” said Transportation Planner and Project Lead for the Freeport Plan, Drew Hart, . “When we engage with the community early and often, the design concepts we arrive at are more effective and representative of what the people truly need.”

Over the coming weeks and months, City staff and a support group of experts will reach out and engage with multiple stakeholders across the two project areas through one-on-one conversations, in-person pop-up events, virtual workshops, and online surveys. After an assessment of current conditions, listening sessions, and the collection of community feedback, residents will have the chance to preview potential design alternatives and weigh in on the future of these corridors.

“I’m hoping to get feedback from area residents who might have never participated in a transportation plan before, said Transportation Planner and Project Lead for the Northgate Plan, Leslie Mancebo. “It’s essential to us to make sure to give everyone the opportunity to share their input in a time and manner that’s convenient to them.”

Residents can register for the virtual workshops online. The walking workshops will each be approximately 1.5 miles to observe challenges and opportunities for improvement firsthand.

Northgate Workshops

Freeport Workshops

To learn more, sign up for project updates and take the surveys visit and

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