These six areas are part of the latest round of flood-control-system maintenance

The Department of Utilities will soon begin maintenance work along critical infrastructure in the City’s flood control system.

This maintenance will be similar to the critical infrastructure work the City has performed in past years and is expected to take several weeks to complete.

Work will soon be performed at Arcade, Morrison, and Union House creeks, a ditch near I-80, called Cascade Ditch, and the Sacramento River levee near Miller Park.

The work performed will include levee repairs, removing debris that can cause localized flooding, removing debris blocking service roads, repairing fencing, site inspections, and vegetation management.

Utilities staff are working closely with the City Manager’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, and the Department of Community Response to ensure the safety of City staff and those camping in impacted areas.

The Department of Community Response will be coordinating with local service providers to perform outreach and connect people with services.

“Our priority is to provide resources and support to the vulnerable members of our community as well as help ensure the success of the projects,” said City of Sacramento Homeless Services Manager Nick Golling. “We will be working ahead of the Department of Utilities to provide resources and connect people with safe and stable programs in the community.”

Below is a schedule of when and where work is scheduled to take place.