City’s sustainability efforts interest German television network

The City’s sustainability efforts caught the attention of public German television network ZDF, Europe’s biggest public broadcaster. On Monday, June 19 ZDF interviewed our own City staff as part of the network’s flagship foreign affairs magazine program, including Sustainability Manager Jennifer Venema, Fleet Manager Mark Stevens, and Senior Architect Greg Taylor.

ZDF is highlighting the City’s leadership in a story that is looking at the role of cities and the state of California in taking action against climate change. The interviews were conducted in light of recent federal action to withdraw the United States the Paris Agreement, a global effort to respond to the threat of climate change.

The interview focused on the City’s dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as the City’s response and continued commitment to climate targets. City staff provided a tour of the newly-renovated Sacramento Valley Station, a building constructed to LEED Platinum standards and currently undergoing certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.  The interviews also included site visits to City corporation yards, for tours of the City’s heavy-duty alternative fuel fleet and solar installations.

For more information about the City’s focus on greenhouse gas emissions reductions, take a look at our previous blog post, Greenhouse Gas Emissions? What the City is Doing to Reduce Them.

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