The heaviest part of the storm hits Wednesday. Here are 5 things to know for staying safe

UPDATE Jan. 17: Wednesday night’s storm brought 1.39 inches of rain to Sacramento as well as powerful wind gusts, but the city weathered the event without any major incidents.

Sacramento is experiencing especially wet and windy weather this week, and the heaviest part of the storm is expected to hit Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to steady rain, wind gusts could reach up to 65 mph, according to the National Weather Service. 

The combination of windy conditions and moderate to heavy precipitation may bring power outages, downed trees, localized flooding and heavy snow fall to the Sierras.

The City of Sacramento is asking residents to prepare for the inclement weather in several ways.

  1. Consider leaving work early. The strongest winds are expected to begin during commute hours and lasting through 10 p.m. Wind could reach up to 25 to 30 miles per hour with gusts predicted to be as high as 65 miles per hour. Drivers are urged to plan ahead and allow extra time for travel and watch for loose debris on the roads like tree branches.
  2. Secure loose debris around your home. Residents should remove loose objects outside such as lawn furniture. If your garbage is scheduled to be collected Thursday, consider waiting to take the garbage out tomorrow morning. For more information on collection, please visit
  3. Stay Indoors. Residents should consider staying indoors and away from windows. Pet owners should protect their pets from the elements by bringing them inside. Keep flashlights handy in case the power goes out.
  4. Report any street flooding or traffic signals out. Call 311 to report street flooding, trees down or traffic signals out. Crews are on-hand to respond to requests. Power outages should be reported to SMUD by calling 1-888-456-SMUD (7683).
  5. Call 911 in case of emergencies. 

The City has tiered plans in place to respond effectively to the storms, and will increase response as necessary to ensure the safety of the residents.

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