Community comes out to support Front Street’s adoption event. How many pets found homes?

Front Street Animal Shelter last week reached critical capacity and asked for the community’s support, encouraging people to adopt an animal in need and waiving all associated fees.

Residents heard the message and responded.

In just five days, 115 animals were adopted from the shelter with another 80 adopted from foster care and the shelter’s Petco satellite center.

“We really appreciated the response from the community,” said shelter manager Phillip Zimmerman. “Their support made this adoption event a real success. We were especially excited by the number of large dogs that found homes in such a short period of time.”

Because Front Street Animal Shelter has limited space to house animals, the shelter over the years has developed innovative ways to support as many animals as possible, including an enhanced foster care program. Front Street will also work with people who find lost pets to help locate the owner.

“If an animal is healthy, we always ask the finder if they would be willing to hold onto the pet and search for the owner,” said Ryan Hinderman, the shelter’s customer service manager. “By doing so, the finder can use many strategies that the shelter can’t, such as walking the animal around the neighborhood and posting on Craigslist, Nextdoor and social media sites. These animals are often reunited with their families without ever needing to impact the shelter’s kennel space or experience the stress of the shelter environment.”

Front Street continues to have animals available for adoption. Click here to view adoptable pets.

The shelter is open seven days a week, with adoptions occurring from noon to 5 p.m.

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